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Porn producer and performer Jay Taylor concurred with Knight."They lied about the nature of the project to get us to sign releases," Taylor told me Tuesday on Twitter.The episode follows the international adventure of one cam girl, a webcam model who performs on the internet through a live stream.A large amount of the time these live streams are sexual or have sexual elements, and many cam girls make the bulk of their live streaming money convincing viewers to participate in a private chat room.The original movie's moralizing, breathless, and often biased take on the porn industry made it anathema among adult entertainers, and these workers say they would not have participated in the series had they known it was from Rashida Jones or other producers of the original."A few people in the adult industry have expressed disappointment in my facilitating their involvement in the Netflix docu-series project," author and porn performer Tyler Knight wrote in an Instagram post earlier this week.

When a cam girl travels to Australia to meet the man who has been paying to watch her for years, both walk away a little sadder but more self-aware than when they entered.

It feels sweet and optimistic, which is what makes the documentary’s ending so sad.

There are red flags from the beginning, alluding to the episode’s conclusion.

If you fall for the ploy, you are sent a shortened URL that leads to a site asking for your credit card information to verify your age and begin the cam session.

The landing page invite features a picture of a smiling brunette; if you click to accept the invite you're redirected to a sign-up page requesting your personal information.

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